e-ISSN: 2717-946X
Pamukkale University Journal of Engineering Sciences TURKISH JOURNAL OF HIP SURGERY - Turk J Hip Surg: 1 (3)
Volume: 1  Issue: 3 - 2021

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2.Editorial Board

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5.Manuscript Preparation

Pages VII - IX

6.Rehabilitation for Femoro-acetabular Impingement Syndrome
Kadir Songür, Banu Dilek
doi: 10.5505/TJHS.2021.79188  Pages 67 - 77

7.Post-Surgical Mortality Increases in Patients with Covid-19 Positive Hip Fractures
Sabit Numan Kuyubaşı, Nihat Demirhan Demirkiran, Süleyman Kozlu, Süleyman Kaan Öner
doi: 10.5505/TJHS.2021.88597  Pages 78 - 83

8.Functional Outcomes of Soft Tissue Release Surgery in Advanced Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease
Vadym Zhamilov, Can Doruk Basa, İsmail Eralp Kaçmaz, Ali Reisoğlu, Haluk Agus
doi: 10.5505/TJHS.2021.66375  Pages 84 - 89

9.The Effect of Ifosfamide and Mifamurtide Loaded Cement on The Viability of Osteosarcoma Cells
Ömer Bekçioğlu, Safiye Aktas, Melek Aydın, Nur Olgun
doi: 10.5505/TJHS.2021.76486  Pages 90 - 95

10.Proximal Femur Osteoid Osteoma Treatment: CT Guided Drilling or Excision?
Selahaddin Aydemir, Cihangir Türemiş, Hasan Havitcioglu, Onur Hapa
doi: 10.5505/TJHS.2021.57966  Pages 96 - 99

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